Circles of Safety, Self Defense Training,

available upon request for grades 5 to adult

“Circles of Safety,” is tailored to the needs of the group participants. Are you a college student going abroad? Concerned about walking to your car at night? Interested in learning about how not to fit the victim profile? Need help feeling more assertive? In this training, students will identify threatening scenarios and develop their own personal strengths needed for protection.

  • Learn how to develop a self-protection mentality
  • Discuss and practice verbal assertiveness, distancing and strong stances
  • Gain an understanding of techniques used by persuasive vs. power predators.
  • Identify the body’s weapons and targets and how to best use them in self-defense situations
  • Practice important physical and non-physical techniques that can help avoid, evade, prevent and escape danger
  • Practice releases from common grabs and counter moves that work to your strength

3-hour, Circles of Safety class

Logo COS WebButton FINAL 1Class begins with some light warm ups, followed by discussions on street smarts, awareness, then accompanied by physical and verbal exercises to get students moving and thinking about their personal safety. Students are encouraged to work at their own pace and comfort level, while at the same time, practicing with other students of varied size and strength levels.