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Intro to Karate: Ages 8-12

Classes to resume in the Fall

Introductory special price, please email for details

Intro to Karate Program

In a comfortable and supportive environment, students will learn the very basic foundations of karate with very patient instructors.  For the first few months of your karate training, the focus in on building stamina, gaining flexibility and speed, beginning movements, stances, proper hand and foot techniques, dojo etiquette, Japanese karate terminology and beginning combinations of techniques and katas.  From here students can, when ready, transfer into intermediate classes.

  • Develop physical abilities such as strength, coordination, speed, balance, agility and stamina.
  • Improve life skills like focus, discipline, teamwork and cooperation.
  • Observe and demonstrate respect for teachers, peers, parents, property and themselves.
  • Become role models and set examples as newer students join the program.


All new students are scheduled for a free 20-minute introductory lesson with no obligation to join.